Life on the edge; A Glocal Truth

Globally, millions or more are living on the edge every single day. Today’s food is taken care of but what would tomorrow be like is the question that surrounds their being. Someplace in those twisty mind-boggling lanes, a child asks his father, papa can you please get me a new toy? Yes, he responds swiftly. Hearing this from just a few meters away in their tiny house, the wife bursts out; can you also get me a nice saree, its festival time? Yes again, but in his mind he has either started calculating to what expense he should curtail or how would he live up to the promises made to this young dreamy and loveable family.

Loans, EMI’s, getting food on the table are only a few amongst many thoughts that take away most of their precious life. While the other half is worried about where in the world do I go for a holiday this year, which restaurant should we go this weekend, that international school is better than this, I want a scented candle around my house for this festival and the list is endless. Oh boy! What a contrast. At some stage, every human has started from the edge and then travels as far as they can. However in this eventful journey we forget the roots, we forget humanity and go onto match our life with those who have reached a step further. This hunger is never-ending. 

J. O’Rourke, Professor of Computer Science at Smith College says, “You can’t get rid of poverty by giving people money”. He is right; one can’t eradicate poverty by just showering money without changing the mindset. This would be like skiing in the desert. 

Educating, guiding, teaching, or improvising skill set of the millions living by the day is what the world needs. Charity isn’t a charity when it’s done out of the social need or to fulfill the conscious mind. Our government should bring an initiative ‘Individual Social Responsibility’ just as how corporate social responsibility exists. This should be incentivized, for a certain class finds it very appalling when asked to give even a rupee out of their pockets. A certain part of the money should get exempted when an individual involves in uplifting the lives of the needy through ways of giving just not the clothes or money but by imparting knowledge of how to sustain, how to earn, how to realize that every individual born has a quality. 

As of today’s world poverty clock, people living in extreme poverty around the world are over 689,000,000+, wherein India accounts for less or around 3%. (source: With the current pandemic, this shall only increase. Jobs are being cut but bills aren’t, Industries are shut but taxes aren’t reduced, deaths are high but living dead are more. The world needs the avengers in you, don’t be a Thanos but be the Captain America, Spider Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, or any character that you love. 

What I think is, sometimes, all one needs is someone to talk to, be that to them. Start with the lesser privileged that you meet and share a book, share a laugh, share a new word, or share a new skill or share a new story. Remember, think global but act local 😊

How would you like to start? Please share your ideas/stories… 

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